Business Driven Strategy The foundation for your digital

The development of a social media focused–campaign strategy that includes: content and key message implementation, social media platform development, social advertising outline, placement and roll-out and department integration and reporting linked to approved KPIs. Working with specialists in each area, the developed strategies include social media, advertising, content, marketing automation, eNewsletters, landing pages and community management best practices.

Community Guardianship Nurturing your community

Through Loud Days customer service team, your business will enjoy the highest-level of social media community monitoring and management from 8.30am – 6pm (week days) and at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm (weekends and public holidays). This includes direct communication with your internal teams for responses, flagging key communication with all relevant stakeholders,  daily ‘guardianship’ of your online community and crisis management as required.

Content Creation Content is king

In line with the developed and approved content strategy, your Loud Days content team will make digital magic happen! You personalised team of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers will deliver all required collateral as aligned to your strategy in order to achieve business objectives, and work inline with the digital platforms ‘best practices’.

Social Media Development and deployment

In line with the approved digital strategy, the social media team will take all marketing plans, event calendars and business KPIs and from this, develop, deploy and manage the rollout of your social media across key platforms. Your social media is a targeted online personality that will integrate analytics from all departments to ensure you are ahead of the pack.

Digital Advertising Social media and AdWords

Loud Days digital advertising team develops your advertising strategy with a focus on achieving the key business objectives and KPIs of awareness, community growth, engagement, lead generation, sales and return on investment. Digital advertising is a non-negotiable and is pivotal to success. Looking for return on investment for every dollar you put into digital? Digital advertising is a must!

Marketing Automation eDMs, landing pages, sequence & database

In line with the approved strategies and campaigns, Loud Days will develop, adapt and deploy a marketing automation process with a focus on eNewsletters, landing pages, database management, and the deployment of approved message sequences. If sales is your driver, marketing automation combines key digital tactics with data analysis and audience segmentation to give your business the edge it’s been looking for!

Influencer Relations Connection with eyeball owners

Influencers are part of ‘new’ media. They have the eyeballs and therefore, they have the power. Their communities of thousands (and sometimes millions) listen to what they say, trust what they post and help to drive sales on almost anything that is uploaded. The aim of your influencer relations program is to facilitate digital placement on the social media platforms owned by these key brand-specific influencers to get your business what you want.

Analytics If you can't measure it, don't do it

The development, analysis, reporting and education of key analytics across all departments (social media, digital advertising, created content, influencer relations, marketing automation, community)  as they relate to business outcomes and objectives, measurable KPIs and return on investment as set by your business. This department includes presentation of numbers and education for key stakeholders, as well as strategy reviews and updates in line with key findings.

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