The exhibition showcased sixty original works including a never seen before QANTAS A380, a quarter scale LEGO® Ferrari and a giant space shuttle. Incredibly, over 5 million LEGO® bricks make up the works!

Key results achieved

Brick Man Experience – The Complete Collection by Ryan McNaught – was a world first spectacular exhibition made entirely from LEGO® bricks is hosted in Melbourne and Sydney

Website traffic

Website traffic is key in achieving ticket sales and for the Brickman Experience, Social media was a strong component of this success. More than half of web traffic was driven by social media.


Community engagement

Social media analytics were heavily focused on engagement and the conversation of driven by social media. The Brickman Experience Facebook page held an average engagement rate of 18%, smashing the industry average of 2 -3%.


Organic reach

With no advertising spend, Loud Days developed a strategy that focused on the ‘topic’ to pull attention and created content that facilitated this. For a 21 day period, the organic reach of the Facebook page was 530,015.

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