01The foundation

Before we begin our partnership together, we clearly define what success looks like for you. To do this, we always recommend a digital marketing strategy. Based on your specific business objectives and vision, we build you a customised document that becomes your bible for digital marketing.

02The magic formula

After we have identified your key objectives and the best path to get you results, we build you a pick n’ mix style package for ongoing social media or digital marketing.

03Build community & capture data

Build a community and brand equity through ongoing targeted and strategic content and engaging conversations with your target audience. Within this audience, you will attract and capture key information about your target community that will be utilised for targeting and digital campaigns.

04Nurture and convert

Transform your leads into customers through delivering the right content at the right time to the right people. This will funnel through to digital conversions and encourage your target audience to take the action your business desires.

05The feedback loop

Throughout this process, Loud Days will provide you and your business with insightful feedback and recommendations based on the data collected throughout all stages of the digital marketing process. This feedback should be utilised to make marketing decisions moving forward in order to achieve great results.