Kicking Goals

Brought on to the AFLW account to run the social media strategy and implementation for the lead-up, Servants developed a three-phased approach to the launch:

  • Phase one – awareness
  • Phase two – community buy-in
  • Phase three – attendance

Initially, the focus was around building brand awareness and brand equity for the competition with players, clubs and ‘the future’ at the centre of all key message and content. Once established in it’s on right as a force to be reckoned with, the strategy shifted to focusing on gaining ‘buy-in’ from the wider targeted Australian community. Finally in the weeks leading up to the first ever AFLW match, the strategy once again diverted its focus to driving attendance for the AFLW round one games.

The tactical application of the AFLW social media marketing strategy included content strategy and implementation, platform strategy and implementation, community management and customer service, event amplification, market and competitor analysis and bench marking, and reporting and analytics to measure ROI and inform strategy updates.

65% growth Over 12 weeks

Community size

Fantastic growth in the AFLW social media communities, reaching all growth KPIs with 65% growth in the Facebook community and 41% growth in Instagram followers in just 12 weeks.

Fan love

Active and supportive

Development of an active and supportive community of loyal fans and brand advocates that translated into match attendance.

Sold out game with 5,000 people 'locked out'

Selling out

With a focus on initial match attendance, the first game of the season was a lock out, and the other matches in round one boasted between 9,000 and 10,000 attendees.

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